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23 April 2014

Campaigners from the World Development Movement will protest at Barclays’ AGM on Thursday 24 April, accusing the bank of fuelling climate change and destroying people’s lives and the environment by financing the global coal industry.

1 April 2014

£600 million in UK aid money is going to a scheme to help big businesses increase their profits in Africa, a report by the World Development Movement reveals today. The report slams the scheme as fuelling a ‘corporate scramble for Africa’.

13 March 2014

The economic case for the EU-US trade deal is ‘deeply flawed’, leading researchers on the deal have said as negotiations begin in Brussels today.

Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed that the deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would bring £99 billion a year to the EU, giving an average family of four in the UK an extra £454 per year.

But researchers Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge from the University of Manchester and Dr Ferdi De Ville from Ghent University in Belgium say the analysis on which the claims are based is misleading.

10 March 2014

Trade unions and campaign groups have written to Vince Cable calling for a halt to negotiations on the EU-US trade deal, as talks begin in Brussels today.

19 February 2014

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will become the biggest deal of its type in the world if agreed. But campaigners argue that far from boosting jobs in Europe and the US, the agreement will give big business a whole range of new powers with potential to harm people and planet.

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29 April - Birmingham; 30 April - London; 1 May - Edinburgh

Join our mini speaker tour in Birmingham, London or Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of our new agribusiness campaign. Janet Maro, of Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania, will be inspiring and educating us at each event alongside WDM campaigners.

April/ May, across the UK

WDM groups are planning hustings events on the EU-US trade deal ahead of the EU elections in May.

30 April, Edinburgh

The last in a series of five debates around Scotland on social, economic and environmental justice. Challenging both sides of the Scottish independence referendum campaign to lay out their vision.

Saturday 24 May, Leicester

Join us for an informal day to find out the latest about WDM’s agribusiness campaign and how to take action locally

Saturday 13 September, Nottingham

A day of planning, skillsharing and discussion for anyone involved in WDM activism.

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24 April 2014

This morning a few of my colleagues and I went to protest against Barclays at its AGM. Since 2005 Barclays has invested more than £3.1 billion in dirty coal projects that are destroying the environment and propelling climate change.

24 April 2014

Last Thursday, over a hundred food sovereignty actions happened in a hundred different countries.

15 April 2014

With the recent confirmation by the IPCC that climate change is caused by humans, urgent action is needed to counter the impact it will have on lives around the world. The massive scale of the problem and the difficulties of combating it, mean that governments and NGOs have looked to increasingly diverse projects for solutions

10 April 2014

Manchester being the place it is one can find all sorts of causes and campaign groups through the internet and networks, but fail to interact with them in the integrated way some fondly enjoin groups to do. So, whilst putting out feelers and finding our inboxes and facebook pages flooded with postings from worthy groups one doesn’t like to cut out, we ended up using personal contacts and experiences to help us launch the new Agribusiness campaign on a wet Saturday morning in suburban Manchester.  

3 April 2014

On Monday, a group of executives from big companies like Monsanto and Unilever went to the Department of International Development to thank the UK government for their help in taking control of Africa's food. Thanks to UK aid money, these companies are set to make vast profits in Africa, so its no wonder they want to celebrate and acknowledge the role of the UK govenrment.

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