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22 October 2014

Representatives from Colombia and Indonesia have arrived in London to tell the BHP Billiton board that coal-mining is destroying communities.

17 October 2014

As the European Commission concludes its consultation on biodiversity offsetting, almost 10,000 people and nearly 60 organisations (including us) have signed a letter urging the Commission not to pursue policy related to biodiversity offsetting (BO). They fear it would “harm nature and people, and give power to those who destroy nature for private profit.”

17 October 2014

Dutch journalist Caroline de Gruyter, writing for NRC Handelsblad reported that incoming European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker is said to have decided to remove the controversial investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) from TTIP, citing that it is “too late” to win on the issue, and to send a clear signal to EU citizens that he has “heard them."

9 October 2014

Protests are planned across the UK and the rest of Europe against the TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US on Saturday 11 October, as part of a day of simultaneous protests in hundreds of towns and cities.

25 September 2014

The EU and Canada are set to agree a trade deal tomorrow (26 September) branded by campaigners as ‘a disaster for democracy’. The deal will give foreign companies new powers over government decisions, and has been negotiated in secret, bypassing the British, Canadian and European parliaments.

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23 October-3 November, countrywide

A series of talks and events with international speakers opposing BHP Billiton's addiction to dirty coal.

Saturday 8 November, Leeds

A day of films, art, workshops, talks and skillsharing to launch Leeds for Change, which promotes social change across the city by connecting groups and facilitating the sharing of resources and skills.

Sunday 23 November, Edinburgh

The second of WDM Scotland's twice yearly local activists' gatherings, followed by an afternoon of networking and learning about effective campaigning with members of People & Planet, Jubilee Scotland, Amnesty and others.

Saturday 21 February, London

Join us for the launch event of Global Justice Now, the new name for WDM in 2015. Featuring international speakers, an exhibition of Mexican street art, films, workshops and music.

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31 October 2014

Last night I was defending the proposition that wealth needs to be aggressively reduced, alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP and Adam Swift at Warwick University.

This is more or less what I said: 

In January, Oxfam found – looking at on 2013 figures – that the 85 richest people in the world, had the same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest. That’s half the world’s population. Just last week Oxfam released new research showing that the number of billionaires had doubled between 2009 and 2014, while most of the rest of the world was facing welfare cuts, recession and falling levels of real income.

29 October 2014

Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) divides Europe

29 October 2014

For two years now, we have exposed the dirty fossil fuel secrets of the major UK banks. We’ve shown how big banks plough billions of pounds into coal, oil and gas, threatening dangerous climate change. We’ve also exposed the terrible things some of the big coal mining companies they fund are doing in the name of corporate profit. But throughout our campaign the banks have worked hard to defend their already tattered reputations.

29 October 2014

As part of the new phase of our climate and energy justice campaign, we’re looking at ways to make the links with struggles against corporate control of energy at home. Earlier this week, we attended the launch ofFuel Poverty Action's Energy Bill of Rights in parliament.

28 October 2014

Today, a parliamentary committee has released its verdict on the future of the mining and extractive industry. Echoing our calls to toughen regulation, it recommends that the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) remit be expanded to screen companies wanting to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSX) on their social and environmental standards.

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