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How WDM works

WDM strives to be a truly democratic movement, with individual members, groups and our professional staff working together for global justice. Staff lead our campaigning, but in consultation with local groups, both directly and through our system of area representatives. Area reps cover specific regions and act as link between groups, staff and the council.

WDM's council

WDM's council approves and monitors all WDM's major policy positions and initiatives, and sets our long term plans and direction. Council members are responsible for:

  • Agreeing a shared vision and strategy for WDM's development created with the director in consultation with staff, local groups and allies from the global south.
  • Ensuring that robust policies and plans, together with the necessary resources, are in place to achieve our strategic aims.
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance against approved plans and budgets.
  • Ensuring compliance with WDM's legal and financial responsibilities and securing its long-term financial viability.

The council of WDM consists of nine people voted for by WDM members, up to three representing local groups. In addition, up to three people may be co-opted to balance the council’s skills or diversity. Each council serves for a three year term, with elected members serving a maximum of two terms, or six consecutive years. The specific roles of chair, vice-chair, national secretary and treasurer (who make up the executive committee) are appointed by the council itself after elections.

The current council was elected into office in June 2012. The next election will be in 2015. The organisation's Annual General Meeting takes place in June each year and is its sovereign body.

Governance documents

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