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25 September 2011

Aamina Ahmad, used to be campaigns and policy intern

Last week Sarah Reader and I ventured down to Barton Peveril College, Eastleigh - in energy and climate change minister Chris Huhne's constituency - to talk about our climate justice campaign.

21 September 2011

Jessica Radford, used to be campaigns and policy intern

Two new videos on foodspeculation have recently been produced. The first, from the Ecologist, shows the impact of rising food prices in Mexico. The second, an animation produced by our European partners, explain the technicalities of how speculation pushes up food prices.

12 September 2011

Food speculation - banks betting on food prices in financial markets - is a massive issue facing the world today. In the last few years, we have seen two major food price spikes, pushing millions of people into poverty. These food spikes were caused by speculation and could have been prevented through effective regulation. 

10 September 2011

Mr Universe himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Governor of California, backed Scotland’s landmark climate change act in 2009 – but, two years on, is Scotland still showing its muscle when it comes to taking action on climate change?

6 September 2011

A year into our campaign against speculation on food, have we made any difference?


6 September 2011

One of our climate campaigners, Kirsty Wright, reports back from a recent meeting of the World Bank's climate fund and outlines the next few months of campaigning in the run up to the UN climate talks in Durban.

6 September 2011

Dan Iles, WDM's south-west mobiliser, interviews Christina Schiavoni of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance.

6 September 2011

Horn of Africa food crisis

I’m sure you have all been reading in the newspapers and seeing the images on the television of desperate people flooding into the huge Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya to receive food and medical treatment for malnutrition.  Aid agencies this week are saying some 10 million people could be soon affected by malnutrition as the worst drought for 60 years hits Ethiopia, Somalia and Northern Kenya.

22 August 2011

In recent meetings with campaign groups, the government has finally admitted concerns with the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds (CIFs). In spite of these concerns, the UK government continues to provide over 80 per cent of its climate finance, siphoned off from its aid budget, through these funds, ignoring opposition from developing countries. Meanwhile, the UK has failed to give a single penny to the fairer and more democratic alternative: the UN Adaptation Fund, which was set up through the UN climate talks.

22 August 2011

Dan Iles

On the 3rd day of Nyeleni, we all took part in a meticulously coordinated action in the town of Krems, the host city of the forum. In this picture based blog post, I will explain how their use of colour, music, openness and most importantly local food to put across the idea of food sovereignty to Austrian public. This MUST come to the UK!

19 August 2011

Dan Iles

Day 2 of the forum and I have had the opportunity to interview an Italian delegate, Andrea Ferrante, the chair of the Italian association for organic farming. In this lively interview (I wish his Italian accent, enthusiasm and smile could come through the words) he talks about how Italy was affected by the 2008 food crisis and the positive advances that Italy has made in its journey towards food sovereignty.

19 August 2011

Dan Iles, WDM delegate to Nyeleni Europe, explains the structure that makes the forum so exciting.

18 August 2011

Dan Iles, food activist and WDM’s south-west mobiliser interviews Indian activist S. Kannaiyan at the Nyeleni forum to build a food sovereignty movement in Europe.

18 August 2011

Last week David Cameron condemned a “culture that glorifies violence” in our inner cities. Yet next month, from 13-16 September, his government is co-organising the world’s largest arms fair in London.

12 August 2011

Bristol activist; Dan Iles, gives you a tour of Bristol’s food movement on route to Austria to take part in food sovereignty forum  Nyeleni 2011

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