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25 January 2012

The Durban UN climate talks saw a repetition of the pattern of injustice and inaction of previous climate talks, with rich countries protecting their own interests and those of multinational industries over those of people.

24 January 2012

Alex Salmond has called for 2012 to be the "year of climate justice", but Scottish Ministers are already going against that by not funding their own plans and policies to cut climate emissions in Scotland.

23 January 2012

It’s heartening to hear that President Obama has stood up to Big Oil by rejecting the permit for the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline sought by Canadian oil firm TransCanada. But the global campaign to stop the tar sands must continue.

19 January 2012

Guest post by Innocent Sithole, used to be Web intern

One of the most encouraging aspects of our campaign against food speculation is that our arsenal of research-based evidence proving the connection between unbridled financial speculation and rising food prices continues to grow. Following our exposé of Barclays Bank’s harvest of super profits from betting on food last year, we’ve gone further to pull the fig leaf off some of Europe’s biggest food gamblers with a new report released jointly with Friends of the Earth Europe.

19 January 2012

Post by Kirsty Wright and Sarah Reader, climate campaigners

For the past two years WDM along with the Jubilee Debt Campaign have been campaigning for the UK government to deliver its climate finance to help countries cope with climate change as grants through the UN Adaptation Fund rather than loans through the World Bank (see the bottom of this page for a slideshow of our campaigning).

11 January 2012

Guest post by James Angel, used to be campaigns intern

3 January 2012

It’s been hard to avoid the fact that 2012 will see the UK host the Olympics, but what you might not know is that the coming year is also designated International Year of Cooperatives, and Alan Turing Year, celebrating the life and influence of the mathematician, computer pioneer, and code-breaker.

20 December 2011

Guest post by James Angel, used to be campaigns and policy intern

As climate justice activists, when we think about our global economy’s addiction to fossil fuels, we quite rightly focus on the 300,000 in the global south that are killed by climate change every year. But our addiction to fossil fuels is also killing thousands of people in the UK through fuel poverty. Between 2010 and 2011, there were 25,700 ‘excess winter deaths’ in the UK, this statistic demarcating the extra people that died in the winter in comparison to other seasons. Of these deaths we can be sure that, at the very least, 10 per cent were directly attributable to the fact that people cannot afford to heat their homes.

20 December 2011

I often read Duncan Green’s, Oxfam’s Head of Research, thoughtful blog, From Poverty to Power. Sometimes I agree with his views, sometimes I don’t.

Though of course we are colleagues in international development, the World Development Movement’s views can occasionally diverge from that of Oxfam’s. We are far more cautious when it comes to the role of markets, for example, and our tactics towards achieving change are undoubtedly, shall we say, more bold. I can’t quite imagine Oxfam commissioning The Real George Osborne or driving a tank through the City of London. But these are healthy differences that in the end make for an exciting and diverse sector. 

18 December 2011

Alongside the UN climate talks that took place earlier this month, Durban’s KZN university hosted a ‘people’s space’: an alternative space where people could come together to talk about the struggle for climate justice.

10 December 2011

At 3pm today, on the final day of the UN climate talks, I joined hundreds of people to occupy the conference centre where the final plenary talks were taking place.

Here are some videos telling the story of what happened.

9 December 2011

On, the penultimate day of the Durban climate talks, I joined other climate justice allies at what became one of COP17’s most theatrical press conferences yet. Organised by the Climate Justice Now coalition, allies from across the world took this opportunity to give their analysis of the conference so far, making it clear they felt ignored by the governments who are supposed to represent them.

9 December 2011

Over the summer we asked you to fill in our supporter survey to let us know a bit more about yourself and what you think of WDM and our campaigns. A big thank you to the over 1100 of you who responded! The results have been really interesting and will be invaluable in helping us improve our campaigns and communications. We thought you might be interested too and so here is a brief summary of what we found.

9 December 2011

Talk of a long-term climate deal to cut carbon emissions is allowing industrialised countries to delay taking action, says World Development Movement policy officer Murray Worthy, writing from Durban.

8 December 2011

On Friday 9 December, activists from all over the UK will be flooding the @HMTreasury Twitter account with messages about food speculation. Please join us. All you need to do is to tweet the Treasury and tell it we need strong regulation.

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