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19 August 2011

Dan Iles, WDM delegate to Nyeleni Europe, explains the structure that makes the forum so exciting.

18 August 2011

Dan Iles, food activist and WDM’s south-west mobiliser interviews Indian activist S. Kannaiyan at the Nyeleni forum to build a food sovereignty movement in Europe.

18 August 2011

Last week David Cameron condemned a “culture that glorifies violence” in our inner cities. Yet next month, from 13-16 September, his government is co-organising the world’s largest arms fair in London.

12 August 2011

Bristol activist; Dan Iles, gives you a tour of Bristol’s food movement on route to Austria to take part in food sovereignty forum  Nyeleni 2011

11 August 2011

Do films motivate people any more than other kinds of campaign communication? Well, here’s one we produced on a very tiny budget aimed at informing an audience of the basic issues of our campaign to clean up the bailed out banks

3 August 2011

Gordon Peters, WDM Edinburgh group

Sustainability has become a rather slippery term. In fact looking at donor aid agency agendas it seems as if sustainability is the nice, ecologically well-meaning dressing up of policies which continue to accelerate market penetration of southern livelihoods.


2 August 2011

The G20's version of 'food security' or a global movement for a radically different food system?


29 July 2011

No, they didn't all have their phones hacked.

28 July 2011

Rosa Fletcher, used to be Activism and events intern

Making a movement: WDM’s groups gathering is taking place on Saturday 17 September in Nottingham. Find out more and let us know you’re coming.

I always find it daunting taking that first step into a local group meeting, running through my head is the idea that everyone will know each other except me. However, I am always amazed at how welcoming people are towards new members in these situations.

28 July 2011

It seems like a different world now, but just four weeks ago I was sharing a coffee with a French friend of mine, Céline, and bemoaning Rupert Murdoch’s influence over the British press and, with that, public opinion. I simply couldn’t envisage this state of affairs doing anything but get worse and I depressed myself just talking about it. How times change!

26 July 2011

Eight months ago, the world’s most powerful countries tasked the world’s most powerful institutions with investigating what to do about volatile food prices. The World Bank, IMF and others have just delivered their report to the G20.

25 July 2011

Official figures due out tomorrow are expected to show that, despite savage cuts in our public services, growth in the UK economy has at best halted or, in the worst case scenario, shrunk.

Hmm; we were told the cuts imposed on the UK by the coalition would achieve the economic growth that is supposedly essential for recovery of the UK economy.

This brought about a bit of déjà vu for WDM activists who had worked on debt campaigns with our colleagues in the global south during the 1980s and 1990s.

18 July 2011

Emma Rubach. This article originally appeared in The Big Issue

There’s been a lot in the press recently about the fact Britain’s aid budget is one of the few areas of public spending not facing cuts. Despite detractors wondering how we can spend money overseas when we don’t seem to have much to spend at home, the government has been vocally proud of its commitment to helping poor countries out of poverty and to reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

14 July 2011

Dan Iles - Regional network assistant (South West)

In an era when direct action is yet again becoming an important part of the activist toolbox, the film Just Do It attempts to open the lid on this often covert form of protest. 

To watch the trailer:

13 July 2011

"Maybe it's time we went the way of Egypt." This was the conclusion of a Nairobi transport worker, who took part in research into how people are responding to the latest spike in food prices. He is not alone. Researchers from the Institute of Development Studies and Oxfam found "significant anger" among many of the communities in Kenya, Bangladesh, Zambia and Indonesia that they visited in recent months.

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