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1 December 2011

Guest post by Murray Worthy, used to be policy officer writes from Durban

One of the key issues being debated here at the UN climate talks in Durban is the establishment of a new 'Green Climate Fund'. It is hoped that the fund could replace the role the World Bank is playing in managing climate finance at the moment, and be the main fund for managing global climate finance. At the UN talks Developing countries and international civil society groups have spoken out against proposals for a dedicated private sector arm of the proposed new fund.

1 December 2011

Guest post by Jessica Radford, used to be campaigns and policy intern

Thousands have taken to the streets in protest at public sector pension changes. Demonstrations are taking place across the UK, including Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Exeter, York, Gateshead, Aberdeen and London. WDM joined the march in London alongside the Jubilee Debt Campaign and we were happy to see our supporters and allies in the crowd. People of all ages were present, ranging from primary, secondary and college students to podiatrists and midwives and, of course, teachers.

30 November 2011

Have we achieved the unachievable? At least that’s what our old colleague Gary Dunion claims in his review of our new 14-part online comedy series, The Real George Osborne.

29 November 2011

Guest post by Murray Worthy, used to be policy officer.

If you have been following the news recently you could be fooled into thinking the politics of the UN negotiations have been turned on their head. It might no longer seems to be a case of developed vs. developing countries, but of new alliances forming between them and the UK committing to the future of Kyoto and a new ambitious global deal.

28 November 2011

It is the eve of the UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa. Two years on from the catastrophic talks that took place in Copenhagen; there has been little progress on a global deal on climate change.

25 November 2011

Jessica Radford, used to be campaigns and policy intern

In the run-up to climate talks in Durban the Pan-African Climate Caravan of Hope is on a two-week road-trip across Africa.

24 November 2011

Vicky Cann, Corporate Europe Observatory

22 November 2011

This morning we launched The Real George Osborne, a 14-part Youtube comedy series and online action calling on George Osborne to ‘do the right thing’ and support regulation of food speculation. It stars Rufus Jones (Holy Flying Circus) as George Osborne and follows George and his long-suffering advisor, Vicki, as he tries to raise his political profile in a bid to become the next Prime Minister. 

11 November 2011

Highlights from a recent event in Manchester featuring leading Brazilian and Sri Lankan activists for land redistribution and food justice. And what next for food sovereignty in the UK?

8 November 2011

On the final day of the ‘people’s summit’, a local journalist asked me: “Given that the G20 summit is being held all the way in Cannes, do you actually think this week’s mobilisations are going to have any effect? Are your messages going to get through to the heads of state?”

After pausing to collect my thoughts, I answered her in a three stages:

7 November 2011

At a recent meeting of the UN transitional committe the US recently refused to agree to proposals for the new green climate fund at. As a result, instead of having a clear set of proposals two work from, the climate talks in Durban will now have to start from scratch. This makes it unlikely that there will be a new climate fund set up in 2012.

4 November 2011

With the G20 counter summit being held less than 20km from one of the world’s most famous tax havens, it was apt that a recurring theme in the workshops and at the mobilisations has been tax justice. Yesterday, on the first day of the G20 talks, hundreds of people took the twenty minute train to the Monaco border for an action against tax havens.

4 November 2011

Yesterday I went to the first international gathering of the occupy movements and 'Indignados' at the G20 alternative summit. ‘Towards convergence of the movements from the Mediterranean region’ was a space for people from different groups and countries to share their experiences and think about working towards a coordinated international movement.

3 November 2011

This week the G20 heads of state are meeting in Cannes on the south coast of France. Just over 30km away, the alternative summit, the ‘people’s forum’, is taking place in Nice, where thousands of people from different countries, organisations, social movements, unions and campaigning groups have come to discuss alternatives to the current financial system and take action against it.

31 October 2011

It’s a little disconcerting to walk down the road to Nueve San José and see men and even boys as young as 10 carrying large machetes in the opposite direction. But its coffee picking season here in south-west Guatemala and with school just finished for the year, everyone‘s taking the opportunity to earn what they can.

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