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Multinational corporations

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Yesterday, at the last minute, University College London (UCL) cancelled an event due to be held this evening. The key speakers were community members from Colombia who travelled to the UK to talk about their experiences of displacement and environmental destruction at the hands of BHP Billiton (BHP) - the largest mining company in the world. Why? We’re sure their motives are perfectly reasonable. Surely it’s not possible that they are worried that a funder of theirs will be upset? They do have a cosy relationship with BHP though. They even have a lecturer sponsored by BHP. But that definitely has nothing to do with it, right?

Fortunately, the voices of Colombians affected by the mining company will still be heard tonight at SOAS and they were heard today inside and outside BHP’s AGM as well. The company held its AGM 500 metres from Parliament today, a physical...

Representatives from Colombia and Indonesia have arrived in London to tell the BHP Billiton board that coal-mining is destroying communities.

On Thursday morning the board of controversial mining company BHP Billiton will be facing a series of angry community representatives at their AGM who have come to London to describe the impact that coal mining is having in different parts of the world. We're going to be supporting them in a demonstration outside the AGM at 10am at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster.

Coal mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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