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The Arctic is under threat

By Donna Hayter, 11 September 2013

As the Arctic sea ice melts, oil companies are determined to drill for the same fuels that cause the melting in the first place.

Greenpeace, WDM and other organisations have been tirelessly campaigning to protect the Arctic region and stop investment in fossil fuel projects, in creative and strategic ways for years.

This July 6 women did something amazing to shine a spotlight on Shell’s Arctic drilling - they climbed The Shard: Europe’s tallest building, which sits among Shell oil’s complex in London to make the world pay attention.

We will now bring the magnificent and awe-inspiring Arctic to London and we want you to join us (no climbing required)! We will haul the biggest polar bear puppet in the world, Aurora, through the heart of London on 15th September to lead our spectacular Arctic Uproar parade.

Picture by Kristian Buus and Greenpeace

I have been truly inspired by how excited individuals and organisations I have contacted have been about helping us to promote this event and join us on the day. Community groups, youth projects and their young people, faith groups, humanists, cyclists, performers, teachers, students, etc. will all come together on the 15th to represent the Arctic and all of our futures.

Please come too to make this movement as awesome and inspiring as Aurora herself, to really bring her to life, and to bring the Arctic to London on Sept 15th.

Over the past year we’ve seen just how reckless Arctic drilling is. Shell, one of the world’s biggest and most powerful corporations, already tried drilling for Arctic oil but botched it so badly they were forced to pause their drilling program off the coast of Alaska. But Shell hasn’t given up yet.

Instead, they’ve signed a deal with Gazprom, to drill in the Russian Arctic, where corruption is rife and oil companies are largely unregulated. Greenpeace Russia has been on an expedition to Rosneft’s oil fields in Russia to document the consequences of their operations, which have turned thousands of hectares of forests and mires into environmental disaster zones in just a matter of years. We cannot let this happen to the Arctic as well. 

That is why I’ll be there and why I’ve been working hard on this project - to say enough is enough, to show Shell and oil companies that they can no longer get away with destroying our environment and pushing the climate to the brink of catastrophe.

Please join our global movement to demand protection of the Arctic and all of our futures.  

The route map and starting point, travel info, and toolkits to get you looking the part are all on our website.

If you can’t make it to central London on the 15th don’t worry; we’re working to bring Aurora to those who can’t make it on the day via the internet. You can register now so we can send you information about how you can take part.

I look forward to enjoying the parade with you on the 15th!

 Donna is a campaigner at Greenpeace UK


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