| World Development Movement

Join us in the fight for economic justice and an end to global poverty.


10-11 September, Glasgow

A conference looking at sustainable alternatives to Scotland's current economic policy.

Saturday 13 September, Nottingham

A day of planning, skillsharing and discussion for anyone involved in WDM activism.

Saturday 20 and Sunday 28 September, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Family friendly animation about plant-loving Aunt Hilda vs the corporation behind a new super-plant, claiming to end world hunger

Thursday 25 and Saturday 27 September, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Documentary about a march across India by landless farmers in 2012, demanding land rights

16-17 October, Glasgow

WDM's director Nick Dearden will be speaking at Nourish Scotland's debate and conference looking at what climate change, GMO crops, land grabs, and globalisation mean for farmers in India, Malawi and the Caribbean and how to increase food sovereignty.

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