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Goldman Sachs foiled again

By Dan Iles, 23 July 2013

Just so you don’t forget that it is up to no good, Goldman Sachs has made the headlines again today. Not content with making millions from betting on food prices, it has come under investigation for pushing the price of metal above its fundamental value.

(photo credit: Rocor)

The physical metal market is prone to manipulation because, like the commodity futures market, it is overseen by a light-touch regulatory approach. This allows big players like Goldman the freedom to make money without fear of accountability. 

Consumers are suffering across the world because of the lack of regulation in our financial system. Here’s one way you can take action.


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Dan Iles

Dan Iles has been involved with WDM for two years. He started as an activism and events intern, then went off to the South West to work as a regional mobiliser. After this Dan stayed in Bristol and became the Bristol WDM group coordinator. He now works in the WDM London office as a campaign and policy assistant. He has a wealth of experience in setting up community organisations and grassroots campaigning and is particularly inspired by food sovereignty. He has got experience with the local food movement in Bristol, doing work for Bristol People’s Supermarket, community gardens and community kitchens and was part of the UK delegation at the European Food Sovereignty Forum. 

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