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Why I’ll be tweeting on food speculation

By Dan Iles, 7 October 2013

Last month I stood outside the European Parliament whilst a group of actors, dressed up as bankers, were wrapped in barrier tape by activists. This spectacle was designed to greet European decision makers as they entered one of the first key negotiation meetings on food speculation reforms. The problem being, that even though we have position limits in the proposed legislation, there is still a threat of dangerous loopholes entering the final text. These loopholes could make this legislation impotent against a powerful financial sector hell-bent on continuing their profit making despite the moral implications of food speculation. 

This week food speculation reforms are back on the agenda. We drastically need to keep the pressure up to remind negotiators of the need for strong, water tight, regulations. If not, millions of people are still vulnerable to global food price shocks that will force them below the poverty line. 

To do this, we need your help to conjure up an almighty twitter storm today and tomorrow. If we can get hundreds of tweets sent to key negotiators in the run up to Wednesday’s meeting it will secure the urgency that we desperately need on this issue. 

How do we do this? Simple. Everyone who reads this blog logs onto their twitter account and sends this tweet. Click here to go straight to the action page. 

To @sven_giegold @EuroMP_ArleneMc @schmidtblogg @j_klute @SharonBowlesMEP @ecrgroup @EPPgroup @George_Osborne Get tough on #foodspeculation

Haven’t got twitter? 

Then we’ll send your message for you so that negotiators hear your voice too. Please click here

This legislation is in the final throws but if we don’t get it right here then all of our hard work could be lost. So join us in taking action. 


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Dan Iles

Dan Iles has been involved with WDM for two years. He started as an activism and events intern, then went off to the South West to work as a regional mobiliser. After this Dan stayed in Bristol and became the Bristol WDM group coordinator. He now works in the WDM London office as a campaign and policy assistant. He has a wealth of experience in setting up community organisations and grassroots campaigning and is particularly inspired by food sovereignty. He has got experience with the local food movement in Bristol, doing work for Bristol People’s Supermarket, community gardens and community kitchens and was part of the UK delegation at the European Food Sovereignty Forum. 

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