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Food speculation

Banks are earning huge profits from betting on food prices in unregulated financial markets. This creates instability and pushes up global food prices, leaving millions going hungry and facing deeper poverty. In January 2014, after four years of our campaign, the EU agreed to introduce new rules to prevent hedge funds and investment banks from driving up food prices.

What is the problem?

A woman tossing black beansBig investment banks are betting on the price of staple foods, like wheat, maize and soya. This is causing food prices to rise and making people go hungry.

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What did we acheive?

A thumbnail of the infographicWDM is campaigning to put pressure on the UK government to back European proposals regulating betting on food prices in financial markets. 

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Food speculation resources

Indian woman throwing grain out of a basketFind out more about food speculation and how it is
affecting the world's poorest people by looking at our resources.  

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Regulation timeline

A photo of a field of wheatA timeline outlining the legislative process for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive which contains proposals to regulate food speculation.

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What is food sovereignty?

Leila Ladera in VenezuelaFood sovereignty puts the
people who produce, distribute and consume food at the centre of food systems, instead of markets and corporations.

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