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Food speculation messages for EU negotiators

By Heidi Chow, 7 October 2013

Wednesday  9 October, was a crucial opportunity to clamp down on food speculation. EU decision makers met to agree new rules, but the outcome hangs in the balance. Hundreds of people have already tweeted the negotiators in a twitter storm to put pressure on them to put firm controls on food speculation.

But we didn't want to limit the messages just to people who have twitter accounts. There were over 1000 messages from those, without a twitter account, who wrote a message on our website for us to pass onto the decision makers. All these tweets will appear in this feed which we have tweeted to the negotiators.

We will be adding 50 of these posts to the feed a day. 

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Written by

Heidi Chow

Heidi is a campaigns officer at WDM, working to stop excessive speculation in food in financial markets.

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