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Nick Dearden starts as director the World Development Movement

By Miriam Ross, 13 September 2013

Nick Dearden, former head of Jubilee Debt Campaign, starts today as director of the World Development Movement.

Photo: Genevieve Stevenson

At Jubilee Debt Campaign, Nick ran a successful campaign against ‘vulture funds’, resulting in a new law being passed in 2010. He developed global work on ‘illegitimate debt’ including leading a campaign to get Britain to audit its ‘Third World’ debt portfolio and transform the ‘export credit’ system. His appointment follows the departure of Deborah Doane, director of the World Development Movement since 2009.

Nick Dearden said today: 

I’m incredibly excited to be joining the World Development Movement because its work has never been more necessary. We have a financial system that is out of control, a global economy that fails to meet the needs of the many and a world sliding towards climate catastrophe.

These problems won't be solved by the old notions of 'charity' and 'aid'. Campaign groups must find ever better ways of bringing people together to challenge the financial takeover of every aspect of our world. We shouldn't inspire pity for those around the world, but anger at the injustice people are suffering, and hope in the strength of the alternatives that so many are building.

People here in Europe are feeling the impact of austerity themselves, so there is more need than ever to support and learn from movements in the global South which have campaigned against austerity for decades. There has never been a better time to build a genuinely global movement. With its long history of shining a light on issues like corporate power, unjust trade rules and debt, the World Development Movement is in a strong position to build and inspire truly global campaigning.


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