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Why support the World Development Movement?

We are not another overseas aid organisation but passionate campaigners who tackle the root causes of poverty.

  • Change begins at home. By challenging unjust UK policies we end practices that hurt developing countries.
  • Small but perfectly formed. Our small, dynamic team will use your donations efficiently to achieve global change.
  • Giving a voice to the poor. We work directly with activists in the global south.

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WDM is an increasingly influential movement of people, committed to finding solutions to the root causes of world poverty. I respect them because they are not afraid to deal with the issues head on. Join me by supporting WDM."

- Benjamin Zephaniah

Supporting WDM

WDM is a movement of people who want to challenge the root causes of global poverty and injustice. Our supporters take vital campaigning action around the UK and our democratic structure gives us legitimacy and a strong campaigning voice.

WDM is both a charity, WDM Trust, and a company, WDM Ltd. If you make a donation of at least £2 a month or a one off donation of £24 or more to WDM Trust, we will grant you automatic membership of WDM Ltd, unless you notify us otherwise. As a member you will be able to vote in our AGMs and council elections, and influence the future of WDM.

Your donation will fund effective, cutting edge campaigns to win justice for the world’s poor.

Campaign Successes

Here are some recent campaign successes that make us proud:

2013 Two years of concerted campaigning results in Barclays, the UK's biggest player in food speculation, announcing that it will no longer trade in food for speculative purposes.

2011 Lobbying by WDM supporters leads to French oil company Total postponing plans to mine tar sands deposits in one of the poorest regions of Madagascar.

2010 WDM’s water campaign leads to the EU allocating €40 million to support twinning arrangements between public water utilities in poor regions of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific and wealthier European countries

"WDM is a vitally important campaigning organisation for justice in the two thirds world. We support WDM because of the quality of their investigative work and the originality of their campaigning."

Denise and Keith Jones

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WDM's expenditure 2010: Fundraising 22%, Admin 4%, Campaigns: 74%