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24 July 2014

Campaigners claimed today that David Cameron was trying to ‘face two ways at once’ with his promise that the government would buy more British food on the one hand, and his support of an EU-US free trade deal on the other.

17 July 2014

Campaign groups and trade unions announced plans for further protests against the TTIP deal this week, protestors were evicted from a meeting in Brussels, and negotiators appeared to make little progress in agreeing the deal.

10 July 2014

Protests are planned in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday 12 July against the trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU and the US.

David Cameron is pushing hard for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which critics have described as a ‘corporate power-grab’ that will threaten Scotland’s democracy. Negotiators will meet in Brussels starting on Tuesday 15 July in an attempt to reach an agreement on the most contentious proposals in the deal.

1 July 2014

Protests are planned in more than 15 towns and cities across the UK on Saturday 12 July against the trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU and the US.

24 June 2014

Protestors will target RBS at its AGM in Edinburgh on Wednesday, demanding that the bank pull its money out of coal.

11 June 2014

A website launched today aims to help football fans decide which team to cheer for in the Brazil 2014 World Cup, based on countries’ impact on climate change, military spending, and efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.

9 June 2014

Protests will be held across the UK on 12 July against the EU-US trade deal, trade unions and campaign groups announced today. The protests will take place ahead of the next round of talks on the deal, scheduled to begin in Brussels on 14 July.

22 May 2014

Protestors from the World Development Movement will tell HSBC to pull out of coal at its AGM on Friday 23 May, accusing the bank of fuelling climate change and ruining the lives of people living with the effects of coal mining worldwide.

20 May 2014

One the eve of the EU elections, 120 campaign groups from across Europe have rejected the trade negotiations between the EU and the US as a threat to democracy, and have called on negotiators to radically rewrite the proposed agreement.

16 May 2014

The UN’s new Green Climate Fund could be used to finance dirty energy including coal and shale gas. The Green Climate Fund’s board, which includes the UK government, meets from 18-21 May in Songdo, Korea, and is expected to agree details of what the fund will finance.

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