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WDM joins calls for electoral reform in wake of expenses scandal

By Anonymous, 23 May 2009

In response to the current crisis of confidence in our parliamentary system, the World Development Movement has joined with artists, activists and politicians in signing an open letter published in the Observer, calling for a referendum on proportional representation on the same day as the next general election.

Our society faces real problems; including mass unemployment, growing poverty and the threat of climate chaos. These challenges require effective government working on behalf of the popular will. A new electoral system that makes everyone's vote count could be crucial to maintaining public faith and engagement in our political system.

WDM believes a referendum on this issue could help restore trust between voters and Parliament that has been badly damaged by the MP expenses scandal. Just as radical action is needed to fix a broken economic system, we believe that the time has come for a debate by the British public on whether democratic reform to our political system is needed to address the unprecedented challenges faced by our society.

For more information, please call Kate Blagojevic on 020 7820 4900

Kate Blagojevic
Press officer, World Development Movement
0207 820 4900/4913, 07711 875 345, Email: kate.blagojevic@wdm.org.uk

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